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04-12-09 :: Leviticus DVD For Sale!

The DVD is now for sale at the BTS Webshop. The DVD was filmed at Bobfest 2003 and is a complement to the live-album released last year. Follow the link below and get one step closer for this once in a lifetime experience!

BTS Webshop

04-11-16 :: The Guestbook is Down!

In the last months we've seen an increase of pornographic messages in the guestbook. Beacause of this we've decided to shut the guestbook down until further notice.

If you have something you want to say to Leviticus you can still use the E-mail.

04-09-24 :: Ecclesiaste III "The Quest"

The new and exciting strategy board game packed with hours of family entertainment. Experience endless fun as you journey around the galaxy discovering lost alien races, resolving team conflicts and venturing out on secret missions. This board game will be released November of 2004
   Bjorn Stigsson has been nominated to participate in this game and he will be seen as Commander Bjorn Stigsson, commanding the starship Leviticus.

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