Björn Stigsson - VD and Producer at BTS Studios



Background Story

BTS Studios was formed by Björn Stigsson in 1993 as an recording studio and music
production company. In 1995 Andreas Rickstrand started working with Björn. Both
Björn and Andreas have a long musical background spinning from RnB to hardrock.
   Andreas and Björn (formerly known as Rico & Bear) has produced groups and artists
like Rednex, Friends, Fame and Magnus Carlsson. They have also made remixes for
amongst others E-Type, Charlotte and Solid Base.
   In spring 2004 Andreas Rickstrand quit working at BTS Studios
and started a new
production company called Rickstrand Productions.

Björn Stigsson

Björn Stigsson has been working with music for many years. He was born in a "music-home" where his father was playing with several different bands. Björn started playing the guitar when he was 14 years old and have had lots of rockbands.

In the 1980:s he worked with a hardrock group called "Leviticus". They made five records and all of them are released world wide. At the same time he was touring around the world with the group. The last Leviticus album was recorded and mixed in U.S.A. where Björn worked together with Dino and John Elefante. John is most known as a singer in the band "Kansas".

Jessica Andersson and Björn Stigsson.

Björn also released a solo-album in 1987 called "Together with friends" and in the early 1990:s he worked with another band called "XT". "XT" have released 3 records world-wide and Björn have produced them together with Sonny Larsson.

Most of all Björn likes to write new songs and produce them. Almost every song on "Leviticus" , "XT" and his solo-album is written by Björn. In the spring of 1995 he met Andreas, and they started to work with an artist called Batziba. Together with Andreas he is now spending most of his time making hits, in the BTS Studios.

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