Welcome to BTS Records!

BTS Records was formed by Björn Stigsson and Andreas Rickstrand (BTS Studios) in 2003 as an independent record label.

With lots of experience as an music studio, we know how the music industry works. We are working with several different organisations to get the records out in the stores!

If you want to know more about sending us a tape continue to the
demo site.

New Records

"Leviticus - Live at Bobfest 2003 DVD" is now for sale at the BTS Webshop. The DVD was filmed at Bobfest 2003 and is a complement to the live-album released last year. Follow the link below and get one step closer for this once in a lifetime experience! .

» BTS Webshop

"Leviticus - Live at Bobfest 2003" will be released September 25th, containing song like Messiah, Suffering Servant and On The Rock. Recorded by Swedish Radio P4 and mixed by Björn Stigsson at BTS Studios. http://www.btsstudios.com/leviticus
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